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Admission Policy

The Gwinnett County Fair is committed to fair and consistent practices relative to gate admission.Admission to the Gwinnett County Fair requires a valid pass or employee ID with the following exceptions:

  • Handicap Exception
  • Military Exception
  • Law Enforcement Exception
  • Public Safety Exception

Any person with a permanent disability either physical or other will be admitted free of charge. Any person confined to a wheelchair will be admitted free of charge for as long as they are confined to the wheelchair.

Active and retired members of the military will be admitted free of charge. They must have a current active or retired military ID and/or be in uniform.

Law enforcement officers will be admitted free of charge. They must present a badge to the ticket taker.

Fire Department personnel will only be admitted free of charge if they are in uniform.

  1. Livestock Show Participants

Livestock show participants will receive gate passes or a hang down pass for the livestock entrance gate from the livestock committee. In the event parking becomes limited and participants are required to enter through walk-in gates they will receive a hand stamp at the livestock gate. Exceptions must be communicated to the gate committee before they arrive at any walk-in gate. Free admission to livestock shows is limited to the participant and two parents.

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